Don’t let your website collect dust

You wouldn’t read yesterday’s newspaper again today, so why would you go back to a website with content that you’ve already read? Boring!

Updating, and updating frequently, is key to getting people to revisit your website. Fresh content keeps your site looking current and gives people a reason to check in and see what is new.

One great way to keep your site looking fresh is to set up a schedule for updates. Plan out and ready your content in advance so that you can upload it easily when it’s time. By keeping a schedule and sticking to it, you will make sure you don’t neglect your website for too long. Having a regular schedule can also have the added benefit of letting people know exactly when they can come back and check out new content. You might just develop some regulars!

So what do you do to keep your website fresh? One great way to keep content updated is to start a blog. Blogs are easy to set up, and you can update them frequently. By linking to your blog from your website’s front page, you keep the site current and build content at the same time.

Good for Search Engines
Keeping your content fresh is a key way to improve your site’s search engine ranking. Search engines don’t just look for keywords when sorting through websites anymore. They search through sites for content and tend to favor websites that have been modified and updated recently and bury the old, static ones are in the graveyard of the Web’s yesteryear. With that said, keep that content coming so search engines—and search engine users—can find you!

Build Authority on a Subject
By updating your content frequently, you will develop a backlog of information. The more information you have published, the more authoritative you will look to readers. You can reference previous blog posts and offer updates on subjects you have already covered.

This kind of activity will enhance your presence and bolster your own portfolio. Being top dog on the Web is all about presence, and content is key in that contest. You’re already an expert in your industry. Share that knowledge with your target audience!

Show You Care
A static website gives the impression that you don’t have interest in engaging customers online. To compete in the online market, you have to show you understand the tools of the Web and are present and accessible to tackle the needs of your customers.

These days, people use the Web for all sorts of decision-making, which means a choice between a business with a lame, static website and one with fresh, up-to-date content could be the deal breaker.

Developing an effective website doesn’t happen overnight. You can’t just set up a sleak-looking site with some cool flash animations and call it good enough. Content is what will set you apart, even if it takes some time to build that content.

As you develop content, your Web portfolio will build and you will see a higher traffic flow. Online presence means being in constant motion and constantly building; progress will never occur if you let your content grow stagnant.