Conducting Quality Meetings to Improve the Patient Experience

You already know how important it is to keep working on improving the patient experience at your hospital. One of the best ways to improve your hospital’s patient care is to gather your leadership team and nursing staff together to share their insights on what the patient needs.

Regular meetings with your hospital team will undoubtedly lead towards better patient and family experiences from your staff. But what is the best method to conduct these meetings?

Here are some tips to consider when planning your staff meetings.

It is helpful to schedule a regular weekly time where any issues or concerned can be voiced. This will give the team a consistent outlet to discuss any useful information regarding patient  care while the information is fresh from the previous week.

Don’t just limit these patient satisfaction  meetings to a rigid agenda.  Encourage your team to share patient stories, provide examples of successes in providing quality care and present areas that they think have room for improvement. By allowing everyone to participate in the improvement of patient and family satisfaction, your team will be primed to perform better and increase your hospital’s patient management performance.

On the rare occasion where, there seems to  be nothing to discuss, you may think that meeting is unnecessary. However, it is in these weeks where a great opportunity to focus on specific areas for improvement.  When it comes to patient care, there is always something that your staff can work on to rise above your patients’ expectations. Take this opportunity as a chance to rally your team and encourage them to provide the best care possible.

Creating a frequent schedule of structured, yet open, meetings gives your staff a platform to better communicate with one another and see how the whole hospital is working to improve patient care.

After all, every team member at your hospital is a part of the patient experience.

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