Competition Heating Up in Healthcare

It seems like every time you turn around, there’s a new hospital, clinic, pharmacy, and other healthcare-related facilities popping up. For those in rural areas, if these facilities are not exactly popping up on your corner, they might be soon and you are probably already experiencing nearby competitors advertising in your market.

In a new era of marketing, many healthcare facilities will find that sticking to their tried-and-true marketing communications strategy might not be working as well. Social media is changing the landscape and newspaper readership is on the decline.

How are you navigating your way around the ever-changing media landscape? Are you taking advantage of new opportunities for generating exposure?

Sometimes, it takes fresh ideas and different approaches to win over patients and grow your market share. If you don’t start getting aggressive, your competitors will.

Many hospitals, especially in rural markets, are finding themselves in these interesting positions. With growing competition, it has become critical to always try new techniques to remain relevant. What can you do to stand out?

Diversify your marketing strategy.
Make sure you are reaching your target market through various touch points. This might mean direct mailers, hosting seminars and events, participating in community expos and health fairs, and stopping by local large businesses and taking with human resources.

Make your news known.
Public relations is often an underutilized tactic for hospitals. There are many opportunities to get your name out there in local media. You just have to know how to pitch the angles that will stimulate interest from local journalist and editors.

Don’t be afraid of social media.
It is understandable that many hospitals and members of leadership are weary of online social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. The benefits, however, outweigh the perceived risks. Social media is a great way to remain relevant and to remain in constant communication with stakeholders—for virtually free!

Always make patient experience a priority.
It is no longer an option to be concerned with whether or not a patient is satisfied with their experience. In fact, reimbursements depend upon positive experiences! Maintain an ongoing customer service training program to keep patient satisfaction at the forefront of your hospital’s goals.

For more information and tips on how your facility can benefit from a different approach to marketing communications, I invite you to contact me at 214-528-5775 to schedule a free consultation. The only think you have to lose is patients and market share…