Celebrating National Hospital Week

It seems like there is an awareness program for just about every important matter you can think of, but one of the many that I find of great importance is the one that recognizes and celebrates the work of hospitals.

National Hospital Week (May 8-14, 2011) is a nation-wide campaign where thousands of hospitals from across the country celebrate healthcare professionals and their services that keep communities healthy. What began in 1921 as the brainchild of a magazine editor who wanted to educate the public about the work of hospitals, National Hospital Week has become one of the nation’s largest healthcare celebrations.

If you think about it, hospitals are one of the essential elements in a thriving community, and National Hospital Week is about recognizing the importance of their services. Whether you live in a large metropolitan area or in a rural community, hospitals exist to save our lives and help create healthier communities.

As the face of healthcare continues to evolve through medical breakthroughs, technology, and legislative reform, hospitals continue to thrive—even one of the most challenging economic climates since the Great Depression.

In working with rural hospitals over the past 21 years, I’ve learned that educating their community about breadth of services available to them through their local hospital is critical. More often than not, local hospital can treat patients without them having to travel great distances to a larger facility.

So this week, I ask that you join me in saluting the countless hospitals across the country that tirelessly works to help us when we need it most.