Building Brand Recognition through Event Marketing

Over the past few weeks, I have been watching my team plan and coordinate two events for one of our biggest clients. Reflecting on the goals of each event, I felt the urge to blog about how beneficial event marketing could be to your organization or business.

Event marketing is one of the most successful ways to build brand recognition, appeal to those hard-to-reach target audiences and give them an emotionally rewarding brand experience. Getting your target audience involved, thus making it more memorable is what event marketing is all about. Event marketing encompasses a vast array of methods including in-store promotional events, anniversaries, sponsorships and tours.

According to EventView, the largest and longest-running annual survey of corporate and marketing executives, 27 percent of the average marketing budget is spent on event marketing. In addition, 24 percent of those surveyed characterize events as a vital component of a marketing plan. Another 15 percent say events are a strong lead tactic.

Creating the perfect recipe for a successful event that promotes the brand effectively can be difficult if there is not a well thought out strategy. Each strategic event should include a prime location, a theme, promotion, press releases and above all, organization.

At SRJ, our marketing communications specialists will promote your event through traditional, new and emerging media such as social media outlets. We also leverage public relations tactics to make sure your event gets media coverage, that delicious and nutritious free source of promoting your brand.

Event marketing also has other implications, such as event sponsorship. Sponsoring a charity event or nonprofit fundraiser helps associate your brand with the positive image these events put forth. Event sponsorship builds an emotionally rewarding brand experience in your target audience and will increase your recognition as well as your bottom line.

With a strategic approach, event marketing is a relatively inexpensive way to promote brand recognition and increase a company’s return on investment.

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