Benefits of Video

It’s amazing how much video technology has advanced in the past few years. When I walked into the Eyecon Video Productions studio to record a video for my website, I was simply impressed.

I stood before a green screen and was immediately reminded of watching the local meteorologist recording a segment some time ago, pointing to the map superimposed on the wall behind him.

At the Eyecon studio, though, something seemed different. Something about the studio seemed more three-dimensional, and something about the equipment looked much more 21st century than those clunky news cameras of yesteryear.

If you watch the finished product, you will see just how powerful modern video technology can be, and the best part about the whole process is how affordable it is. With 3D green screen technology, it is now possible to put yourself in a professional-looking, customizable studio for a very modest price.

But why make a green screen video?

Video Now Dominates Online Content
In today’s Web 2.0 world, people no longer log onto the Internet to read static, text-based websites. With broadband connections now nearly ubiquitous, video has come to dominate the Web, which is why it’s no wonder that YouTube has become the Web’s second largest search engine.

Connect with Clientele
Online videos offer an array of advantages over traditional websites. One of those is the ability to engage directly with your client. They can put a face—your face—to the company. This shows that you honestly want to connect with your customers.

It’s Show and Tell Time!
Videos also give us a way to visually present information in a way that is just not possible in print. You can simultaneously show and explain statistics and information, just like you would if you were giving a live presentation. You can also demonstrate products and show exactly how something works in real-life situations. Our brains seem to understand better if we see and are told at the same time, which is why online instructional videos have become so popular.

But why go with a professional video production company when handheld camcorders are so cheap? Well, the answer is results. Sure, these days anyone with a video camera and a tripod can post a video online, but if you want to stand out, you need the knowledge and expertise to make the video look like a polished, professional production.

There are reasons behind why you’d want to utilize professional and amateur video. Both have pros and cons, and frankly, it really does depend on the message and audience.

With today’s technology, it’s much easier and much more inexpensive to make a great-looking video. Check out this video to see some of the ways Eyecon Video Productions can turn a green screen into an interactive virtual studio that will make you and your business stand out!