Every marketing agency can tell you they are creative and innovative, but let’s face it – so is a finger-painting 6-year-old. Same with the guy who invented Spam®. But when you get to the bottom line, neither one is very helpful for your business.

You need a different perspective: focused, effective strategy. Strategy like using social media to generate interest in your company, or building the perfect Web site to harness the power of the Internet to fit your needs. Without advertising, customers will not know that you exist. Unless your message grabs the attention of your target market, you will lose business and ultimately bottom line results.

Our emphasis on strategy is what makes our advertisements more effective than anyone else’s. Any flashy, colorful image can grab a viewer’s attention, but what do you want to say once you have it? Your message is the real bottom line, and SRJ Marketing Communications can help you develop powerful, engaging ways to help you make sure your voice is heard.

Create awareness through exposure and generate sales with eye-catching ads from SRJ. Our creative team will blend copy and art to develop a powerful, strategic message.

Advertising is just one of the many elements of an integrated marketing communications program that can help your return on investment. Along with advertising, we encourage you to also check out our strategic marketing and public relations services as well as Web development. You can also give us a call at 214-528-5775 to speak with us about your needs.