7 areas where patients determine quality

Frustrated or angry patients and family members are never a good thing. Their emotions can impact their health and recover, and your bottom line. In a time when patient satisfaction is most important, your hospital is accountable for the service provided.

There are seven different areas where patients determine the quality of service your hospital provides. Know what each one are and make sure your team members are also well aware. This does not apply just to nursing teams, but to every person who works at your facility.

Staff attitude
Regardless if your team members are having a bad day, patients and guests should not have to deal with the rude or unprofessional behavior. Remember that a positive attitude is essential to creating a positive patient experience.

Prompt attention
As soon as the patient hits the call button or makes a request, the clock is ticking. Of course this is based on the nature of the request, but it is imperative that team members respond to the call as quickly as possible, listen to the request, and set/manage expectations.

Helpful spirit
Patients should never feel as if they are troubling you. You are there for them, so be helpful. Always ask how you can help them feel better. Simple things like room temperature and extra pillows can make a big difference.

Similar to staff attitude above, having a friendly personality is important to make the patient and hospital guests feel welcome. If you see someone who looks lost, stop and ask if you can assist them in finding their destination. Most importantly, remember to smile.

Kept informed
Keep the patient informed in all matters related to their stay. Provide physician updates as appropriate, advise them of any upcoming lab work scheduled and any delays that might be encounter. Manage the delays, and help manage expectations by informing them of how the discharge process might work.

How friends and family are treated
You wouldn’t like it if your friends and family members were treated badly; neither do your patients. Always be respectful of patient guests, keep a positive attitude, and always remain friendly.

Admissions and discharge process
Long, drawn out admissions and discharge processes can make or break an experience. Don’t let this ruin your HCAHPS scores. Try to keep the wait times down and be helpful in explaining each step of the process. Listen to the patient concerns and always show understanding and compassion.

Remember that each member of your team is representing the hospital. Always serve the patient with enthusiasm and compassion. Creating a memorable experience not only impacts your reimbursements, but creates a happy customer and positive word-of-mouth.