6 Areas to Improve Customer Service in Hospitals

From the moment a patient enters your facility to the time of discharge, you are being graded on their experience. Don’t let one single area bring down your patient satisfaction score.

There are several different areas that the HCAHPS survey covers, so ensuring your patient has a positive experience with each can ensure a satisfactory score—and your reimbursement!

Can you identify an area of your hospital where improvements can be made?

Nursing Team
The nursing team has the most interaction with patients. That means their performance can significantly impact the patient’s perception of your hospital.

Everything your nursing team does can make a difference, so make sure they are always respectful and compassionate, take the extra time to explain anything patients may not understand, and remain attentive and respond to a patient’s needs in a timely manner.

The interaction between doctors and patients is critical. That’s why it is imperative that your physicians listen to patients, answer all the questions that they have in a way that they can understand, and not make the patient feel as if they are in a rush to leave.

From the moment the patient presses the call button to the time it takes for a meal to make it from the cafeteria to the room, the hospital team is being monitored. Make sure your team is doing everything they can to be as responsive as possible to a patient’s request. If their needs require additional time, simply explaining the situation can help manage expectations and give you an opportunity to live into them.

Before and during the administration of medication, always explain to the patient what you are giving them and advise them of any possible side effects they might experience. Don’t forget to ask if the patient has questions. Giving them an opportunity to speak shows compassion.

Making the discharge process as streamline and painless as possible will not only make your patient happy, but will contribute to their overall experience. Be sure to explain any and all necessary items. A courtesy call following their hospital visit will add to a positive touch to their experience.

Hospital Environment
Just as you dislike visiting a store or business that’s messy and loud, patients feel the same way about your facility. The physical environment of your facility is a reflection on your brand. Avoid clutter in the hallways and within sight of patents and visitors. Also limit unnecessary noise around patent rooms.

An ongoing, comprehensive customer service training program can contribute to the development of your team and your HCAHPS score. By keeping patient satisfaction top-of-mind among your team members, your hospital can benefit from higher employee morale, better patient satisfaction, and a stronger image within your community.

Customer service training is an investment in your bottom line, especially when you can potentially loose tens of thousands, if not millions of dollars in reimbursement. Give us a call today at 214-528-5775 to discover how SRJ can provide a customized program for your hospital with on-site training at an affordable rate.