5 Things to Look for in a Mobile Website

As many of you continue to plan for new marketing strategies and tactics in 2013, your Internet initiatives might need to include having a mobile-friendly website.

According to a study by ComScore, 47.5 percent of users of mobile devices utilized their mobile browsers to surf the Internet. Recognizing the growing trend, mobile marketing is expected to grow 30.8 percent this year.

Many businesses ask if a mobile-friendly website is right for them. The first question we ask is if we can view their website’s analytics report from the past six months. The information in the report can reveal a lot of information, but most importantly the platforms their visitors are using to access their website.

Speed and Compatibility
Depending on the goal of your mobile site, you will want to optimize it to load quickly and provide essential information about your company. Make sure that your site is compatible across multiple browsers (Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer) and platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, etc.). Avoid using plug-ins such as Flash and other formats that are not standard. In lieu, consider utilizing HTML5 to accomplish your goals. Be sure to also account for your mobile site being viewed in both portrait and landscape mode.

Simple Navigation
Making it easy for a mobile user to quickly navigate your website is important. Many times, they are on the search for specific information while on-the-go. Utilize a simple navigation structure that avoids rollover menus, is organized in a vertical format, and focuses on important information for your visitors.

Contact Information
Make sure your contact information is quickly accessible on your mobile website, especially if you’re a type of business that relies on foot traffic. In addition to basic contact information such as physical address, phone number, and email, include maps and directions to your location.

Appropriate Copy
If a user is visiting your website from their smart phone, they are likely short on time and are trying to briefly take a look at what your company is about. Keep your copy focused and concise, utilize headlines and bulleted lists to help them scan the content, and utilize videos an images to help illustrate your point.

Mobile vs. Desktop Sites
Have your webmaster insert a mobile site redirect code that will automatically redirect visitors on a mobile device to your mobile-friendly site. In your mobile design, be sure to also provide visitors with a link to visit your desktop site if they so choose.

While these recommendations are brief, there are many other items to consider when developing a mobile-friendly website. The important thing to consider is what your mobile visitors will be seeking and design as appropriate.

For more information on mobile-friendly websites, give us a call at 214-528-5775. We would to discuss how your business might benefit from a mobile website.