Optimizing your rural healthcare website for mobile devices

Website traffic from mobile devices is over 50% and climbing, it should be your #1 design concern.

Every year mobile computing devices become more and more a part of our daily lives. This trend has every indication of continuing. Since social media is already formatted for mobile, your concern should be ensuring your website offers a great mobile experience. More than half the people visiting it will be using a phone. You want your site to look great and be easy to use or you will lose far too many opportunities.

Here are 7 ways to optimize your website for mobile.

Make it scrollable

Mobile users are accustomed to scrolling through a source of information. Phones are better set up for this kind of interface than switching from page to page. Not everything can be put on one page, but anything you absolutely want people to see should be available without switching pages.

Use sharp, cropped photos

You want any photos you use to be nice and sharp. The screen may be small, but they have high resolution. Be sure to crop any unnecessary parts of an image so that what visitors get the best view of what you want them to see.

Easy to use buttons

Mobile devices use a touch interface. If your website is scaling buttons down to tiny little things on a phone, users won’t be able to click on them. Test everything on mobile, but pay special attention to any call to action buttons or links on your site.

Use short paragraphs

Long paragraphs easily get cut off on small screens. Try to keep your message on point an as concise as you can make it.

Order is important

While mobile users are accustomed to scrolling down a page for more information, what’s up top will still get the most attention. Make sure your page order matches your marketing priorities.

Use video

Video is extremely powerful for mobile devices. It lets you deliver a lot of information on a very small screen and without any action from the user except clicking the play button. Make sure your video looks good on a phone screen. Also, like the order on your page, put your most important information early in your video. Most people don’t watch to the end.

Utilize AMP technology

Accelerated Mobile Pages is a Google technology you can use to make pages load faster on mobile devices. The on-the-go nature of mobile exacerbates reader impatience. You don’t want your pages prompting the user to move on to something else.