You Are Our Specialty

There are plenty of marketing agencies that specialize in healthcare, but very few are as uniquely qualified as SRJ to work with small and rural hospitals, clinics and nursing homes.

With three decades of experience working with rural healthcare facilities, SRJ Marketing Communications is a full-service marketing, social media, and public relations agency that specializes in the rural healthcare industry. SRJ has developed effective strategies that help healthcare providers expand their market share, communicate to their audiences, and create positive patient and guest experiences.

We Have the Experience – And a Record to Prove It

Steven R. Jolly, founder of SRJ Marketing Communications, is a sought-after trainer and coach in rural healthcare marketing communications. With 40 years overall of communications experience, he has built a reputation for his ability to help rural hospitals implement effective marketing communications strategies.

In addition to our customized strategic marketing services, we have created a proprietary marketing program that will address your hospital’s communication marketing needs, with very little stress on your staff or your budget. Our program will guide you through the process each month so that you will always be on track with your key marketing strategies. If you don’t have a strategy, we will consult privately with you to assess your needs and define your key strategies and set you on a course of success.

Marketing Targeted for Your Specific Needs

We realize that very few rural hospitals can afford to employ a full-time, experienced marketing specialist—even if you could find or recruit them to your community. In many cases, you, the CEO, are the Marketing Department. We also know that you wear multiple hats throughout your day, so let us minimize the struggle with our easy to implement strategies.

We also know that most rural hospitals do not need to have a full-time marketing specialist on staff.

Let us help you reach out to your local region with a message of caring and professionalism. It is imperative that your community is keenly aware of the important healthcare services you offer. In a critical moment, your marketing efforts could even make the difference between life and death. Don’t let your customers drive past you to a larger facility simply because they are unaware of what you offer or because they haven’t made a connection to you and your staff. Your local region needs to hear from you on a non-stop, consistent basis, and this is what we specialize in – keeping your facility at the forefront of your audience’s minds.

SRJ Marketing Communications provides the support you need to slow out-migration and create the awareness you need of your local healthcare providers and hospital service lines.

A Package to Fit Your Needs

– Has your marketing strategy given you the results you expected? If not, SRJ can help. We have worked with countless rural healthcare facilities to steer them on the right path. Whether you need an analysis of your current marketing, some slight tweaking of your latest ad campaign, or you just have a few questions about the best layout for your website, SRJ has the experience to get you on track to achieve success.

Full Service – When it comes to marketing your facility, you need the works, from soup to nuts. SRJ can take a very “hands-on” approach and manage all the details of your marketing plan to reach your marketing objectives. We can analyze, make recommendations and work with your budget to ensure your local region is well aware of your location and services offered. From press releases, advertising campaigns, radio ads, event awareness, relationship management, websites and social media management – we are no strangers to providing you with the most effective tools available.

Customer Service Training and Leadership Development – Healthcare has changed – and so have your patients. With reimbursements tied to patient satisfaction scores, excellent customer service is more critical than ever.

Our customer service training can help define the differences between patients and customers and give your staff the skills they need to communicate effectively and solve problems with care and respect.

Going to the hospital can be very stressful for patients and their family members. Participants will learn how to create powerful first impressions, put apprehensive guests at ease, increase their skills in complaint resolution, and understand the necessity of total confidentiality.

Once your team members have attended our training, they will be able to handle complaints and disagreements, improve customer loyalty, show empathy, work better with other staff members, and much more that equates to increased job satisfaction and improve your bottom line.

Customer service and leadership training can help you:

  • Identify goals
  • Acquire skills to work through real-world situations
  • Train staff to anticipate patients’ expectations
  • Acquire tools to build dynamic teams
  • Improve patient satisfaction scores – An Innovative Membership-Based Program – SRJ has created a unique, comprehensive rural healthcare marketing package, We know you have minimal time and budget dollars to make the splash in your community that you need. We have done all the hard work by putting our best writers and designers on task to create everything you need to meet your marketing objectives that won’t require excessive time, training or money. is a membership-based program that supplies you with the marketing materials and support you need to plan and execute a professional and engaging marketing program for your hospital.

Benefits include:

  • Access to the exact marketing blueprint used by SRJ Marketing Communications
  • Monthly webinars focused on what you need to be planning for over the next rolling 60 days
  • Laser-focused office hours with Steven R. Jolly for answers to your specific questions
  • A members-only forum for exchanging ideas and best practices with others in the rural healthcare field
  • A resource library filled with eye-catching advertisements and flyers along with dozens of professionally written radio scripts and press releases to help you maintain high visibility in the community
  • Social media posts to engage your community online
  • Discounts on services and extra materials

Don’t waste another minute agonizing over marketing issues; let us guide you down the easiest path to success.

Please contact us at 1-800-441-7401 or email  to schedule an appointment to discuss your current marketing needs.