Internet Marketing

Each month, your Web site may be missing out on reaching millions of prospective clients for a single reason: people can’t find it! Whether it’s buried somewhere in Google search pages or customers just don’t know about it, you need a way to escape from the clutter and get your Web site on people’s screens. By optimizing your Web site for search engines with just 10 suggested key terms and phrases, these prospective clients could begin to find you online—potentially boosting your bottom line.

Search Engine Optimization

SRJ Marketing Communications will use search engine optimization (SEO) to place your Web site at a higher rank, generating larger volumes of traffic to your site. As part of the optimization process, the title and description on each page of your site will be modified to include the keyword or keyword phrases that we are promoting.

Copy on your Web site is also important to the SEO process. Keyword density will be practiced to ensure your keywords appear a certain amount of times per page, depending on the amount of text you have to display them in. This process will allow us to target the correct pages and drive the most business to your Web site.

One of the most important steps in the SEO process is traffic monitoring and analysis. SRJ will add a traffic monitoring program to the back-end of the Web site. Data reported from this monitoring will be analyzed on an on-going basis by SRJ to determine next steps in the SEO process.

Below is a description of what each solution package entails.

Complete Site Content Optimization

  • 10 Key Term/Phrase (Targeted 2 to 3 word key terms/phrases)
  • Internal Link Strategy
  • Image Optimization
  • Meta Tag Optimization (titles, descriptions, keywords)
  • XML Site Map Creation and Indexing
  • Bump Web site listing up in the search engines with a goal to achieve first page top 10 Ranking (MSN, Yahoo)

Strategic Directory Submission & Inclusion

  • Submission Strategy Creation & Execution
  • Yahoo Directory Submission (Guaranteed Inclusion)
  • Submission
  • Industry Specific Web Directories Submission (Guaranteed Inclusion)

Traffic Monitoring

Advanced traffic monitoring will be programmed into the Web site to track visitor trends and search engine behaviors. The results of the monitoring will be organized into a report for further analysis.

Reporting & Analysis

The following data will be compiled from monitoring the Web site traffic. This data will be organized into a report and analyzed by SRJ Marketing Communications to further enhance the SEO process.

  • Volume of traffic
  • Source of traffic
  • Pages viewed
  • Path followed through Web site
  • Pages most visited
  • Pages most exited
  • Search engine spider activity
  • Popularity of keywords
  • Trends of page ranks in search engines

Contact SRJ today to find out more information about how search engine optimization can help your Web site and ultimately your bottom line.

Pay Per Click

A great companion to our search engine optimization service is to make sure your company is at the top of search engine’s results page when a prospective customer searches for your industry. As technology continues to evolve, more companies are beginning to invest in pay per click advertising as it is an affordable way to draw visitors to your Web site.

E-Mail Marketing

Like traditional direct mail advertising, e-mail marketing allows you to reach an audience of any size while providing measurable results on the effectiveness of the campaign. E-mail marketing is perfect for promotions, launching a new product or simply staying in contact with your customers.